Give Yourself a True Break

The holiday season is fast approaching. And with the holiday season comes the demand for case packing – not just presents but large bulk goods and items that will be needed for the coming new year. The only ones who dread the holidays more than postal and delivery workers are the trees themselves. After bulk packing – be it done manually or robotically – then they must be stacked for taking to the shipper. And the shipper must then load them into containers for sending across continents and oceans to their point of delivery. While they’re in transit you have a few days’ grace before the next high-volume order comes in. The wise person will take advantage of those few days for some much-needed rest and relaxation. So what are you prepared to do during that recuperation time break after the holiday rush is over?

If you haven’t thought that far ahead yet, then here is an idea for you to consider. Think of how relaxing a few days at a classy resort hotel like Bally’s Atlantic City may be after spending hours packing and loading bulk shipments during the rush season. And consider how much you might enjoy having room service deliver a great meal to your door where you can relax and watch the sunrise over the ocean. Just a short drive from all the rush and fuss, yet seeming like a continent away. Just look at the ocean from your room window while watching the holiday parades and ball games on the TV in your suite. And you can enjoy the comforts of Bally’s for great prices when you take advantage of a Groupon coupon or promo code for your trip. You can use a promo code to get a 2-nite excursion plus a $65 credit.

Of course, you can enjoy far more than just the comfort of your hotel suite; Bally’s has world-renowned restaurants that serve fantastic meals. Why worry about stocking your freezer and kitchen during the holiday when you can have the finest meals prepared and served either at one of their fine restaurants or delivered to your room? Take advantage of this opportunity to relax in style while preparing for the new year. A nice break can be just what you need before you take on that next load of bulk boxes for shipping off to far-away places.

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